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Entry #5

Live from this horrible mac

2008-10-06 12:58:32 by Double-Helix

Quick post, Im studying computer animation this year. Got about 8 months to work on a project. If it turns out well, I will be submitting it to NG. Huzzah. Also, I hate macs, who the hell takes away a right mouse button??!


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2008-10-09 10:55:34

Is this Dan or JT? We all haven't heard from you guys in aaaaages.


2008-10-09 16:49:50

Awesome! I thought you guys were dead!
BTW, how many signatures from a petition would cause you guys to start making Decline 4?


2008-10-09 17:20:34

That, and why hasn't there been a 4th one already?
And i know that everyone has aked that, but that's because you guys have created a really popular series.


2008-10-18 18:26:43

I'm immensely excited to see what you can put together, 8 months should culminate in utter bliss :D


2008-10-23 22:33:57

get a mouse with 2 buttons or just control click lol


2008-10-23 22:34:28

get a mouse with 2 buttons or just control click lol

oh yea if mac didnt exists we wouldnt even have a mouse, apple created it


2008-12-06 23:26:23

Who doesn't hate Macs? I hate those single-buttoned mice. They changed the mice though, they're still one big white thing, but they now have this tiny thing that they call a "trackball," which is used for scrolling (utter crap, if you ask me). Also, now you can left and right-click if you make the settings so, but still...crap. Power to the PC's!


2008-12-24 02:22:39

lol macs suck and there commercs are utter shit


2009-02-01 19:48:21

Dim'z Suck!


2009-02-28 10:13:34

actually i have a mac and my mouse has a right clicker so ya know some do some dont i hate ones that dont but mine does have a right clicker so ya know


2009-04-10 16:02:41

AGreed with rosehacker!


2009-07-04 00:30:58

well its been 8 monthes now. XD


2009-07-24 22:20:28

You posted this on my birthday. MWAHHHH!


2009-12-25 03:13:25

I wouldnt mind seeing another decline but if you didnt make one. id like to see the same characters from decline with a diffrent story line or just doing somethin else


2012-01-22 13:47:00

Come on please make a decline 4 for all your old fans :)