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Yay for the weekend!

2007-08-27 20:56:45 by Double-Helix

Thank god for some time off! I think JT and myself are totally wrecked from work right now.

Keeping this short cause I have some stuff to do. Mass theme park trip tomorrow! Woo hoo!

I'll be back with some more news or something when I can.



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2007-08-29 08:34:40


I feel like wathcing spurs lose again!


2007-09-08 15:12:31

How was your trip? You'd better not be £3,000 down from the roller coaster, and not be able to make more flash. :O


2007-10-24 19:54:35

Theme Park? Awww I Realy Wanna Go to One. i havent Been to one in about 1 month.


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