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November tidings!

2007-11-03 20:31:52 by Double-Helix

Hey everyone, its Dan (as per usual!)

Figured I should probably update (cause I havent in ages). A few things to say really.

Firstly, apologies for the lack of news stuffs, I've been pretty much devoted to uni life right now and im enjoying the course. It doesnt leave a lot of time for much else.

Secondly. if you're a Halo fan and animator, you might wanna check out Dim's Halo collab. The requisites for joining are on his site!

Speaking of halo, I hope I run into some of you online! Im playing here and there when I get a chance so who knows.

Thirdly, im going to do some shocking animation in the near future! While it wont be flash based its a good chance for me to use the facilities my uni has to offer. The stuff I produce will be linked to a later project so stay tuned on that front!

Happy belated Halloween and celebrate today for me! I turned 20, goodbye teenage years ; ;



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2007-12-08 00:43:17

Cool, 20 is a nice milestone. Can't wait to see the shocking animation. 1st post! Sorry, it's a month later


2007-12-09 22:56:29

I got a question,
Will Decline EVER have a 4!!??


2008-02-04 04:47:24

yes it does but it wasnt made by sfb or double helix it was made by some other freak!!!


2008-02-15 20:11:03

i can't wait for TSAH3!

Btw, wat's yur halo user?


2008-03-27 19:52:51

You guys need to write some more stuff your just so funny

Why not create a new project with flash bros again? Or go somewhere else?

So basically, write some more stuff!


2008-09-06 01:46:18

wow, theres like no comments on here, surprising, you guys are like some of the more popular kids in this interwab highschool, hoorah for metaphor! Anyways, looking forward to your next project, hoping its soon!