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We aren't dead! I swear!

2007-07-23 17:53:44 by Double-Helix

Hey anyone who happens to read this. It's Dan! Hurray, we aren't dead!

Things are pretty quiet for us at the moment, JT and myself haven't really been up to much since Decline. Although JT has been working on a project, but I have to poke him into finishing it. I intend to start looking for new projects to get involved with, but Im a bit lazy when it comes to getting out there and asking around. Oh well, no one to blame but myself (and maybe Dim, cause I can?)

Everyone is abandoning me this week! JT is on holiday and Dim is off to Comicon (where he will buy me many nice things, I am sure!) I just get to sit here, how fun! I guess I'll just have to fuel my FFXI addiction some more.

Im actually ill right now- how crappy is that? The worst part of it is that tomorrow is my day off anyway ><

Hm, I think I will leave it there for now. We are alive, that's all I need to say! And everyone needs to keep playing the things Dim comes up with. Grimoire blew me away!


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2007-07-25 19:48:09

Dam bloody straght!

Though I dunno what comicon is...

Me too, I'm quite lazy :)


2007-07-26 00:18:51

Is there gonna be a decline 4?


2007-07-27 11:15:22

You must be pretty bored without JT & Dim. At least you can still burn tom.


2007-07-29 18:37:52 shitty! You're sick in the midst of the summer? I give you sympathy because that's just...stupid. Anyways, as much as you've been annoyed by this statement, I must state it as well:
Could you (DH) and Dim + Tom (SFB) develop a fourth Decline? As much as you want to do many other projects (and you should!), you should still also focus on the primary thing that brought you all this popularity. I mean, people are BEGGING for it. You can do other projects, but you can also still do Decline! It's like Square Enix did Drakengard when everyone was waiting for Kingdom Hearts 2!
Eh, anyways, get well and hope to hear more news from you and JT!