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2007-07-29 18:53:10 by Double-Helix

Hey all, its Dan again. Back to my normal self, got well just in time to go back to work. Why do I end up having to work like everyone else? Currently posting with JT as he is back now. He says hello, or at least he would do if he wasnt too busy playing around with his PS3.

We went to see The Simpsons Movie tonight. We were both expecting a real crapfest, but it actually turned out to be pretty entertaining. Tomorrow we are going to give Mr Bay another chance and try and endure Transformers (without the 80s soundtrack though I fear I will be very disappointed!). Still, who knows, might be shocked just like we were today!

Dim returns from Comic-con on Tuesday, but odds are he will be too jetlagged to actually move for a while. I read DMC4 was playable there, I havent read any reports of a crazed man fighting his way through the crowd to steal the demo, but Im worried that Dim might have done just that.

If you're all into downloading demos for the ps3, check out The Darkness demo. Its pretty damn sweet, although the Heavenly Sword Demo is a bit rubbish. 1 gig for about 3 minutes of gameplay, oh yeah thats a real laugh -.-

Anyhoo, we're off now! Things to do, games to play!

See ya later!

~Dan and JT


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2007-08-01 06:57:30

I loved Decline, you and the Flash Bros make a great team. I hope you will perhaps do some more flashes together, even though I read somewhere that Dim doesn't want to do another Decline...

But a brand new flash series would rock too.


2007-08-01 15:51:40

Decline rocks!! hope to see more of it!! we are all waiting for 4.

But of course any flash that was created by yous would rock

Peace out



2007-08-16 20:52:22

what games does he have with his PS3?

I think the only PS3 exclusive worth having is MGS4

(Note I'm a Microsoft and nintendo fan, and Don't blast me for posting this, as the SAS motto goes "Float like a butterfly sting like a bee", basicly you bite me I bite back 10X harder)

DMC has never been one of my favs, niether has transformers but the simpsons i want to see...


2007-08-20 17:13:40

as youve got a ps3 whats your views on the ps3 song?
also i love your decline series and games great stuff


2007-08-27 11:29:36

Finally, someone else with a PS3........I haven't subscribed to PSN yet. I didn't know if it was worth it. I probably should. Other than downloading demos, there's probably some more good downloads right. How many people are subscribed to PSN?