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Live from this horrible mac

2008-10-06 12:58:32 by Double-Helix

Quick post, Im studying computer animation this year. Got about 8 months to work on a project. If it turns out well, I will be submitting it to NG. Huzzah. Also, I hate macs, who the hell takes away a right mouse button??!

November tidings!

2007-11-03 20:31:52 by Double-Helix

Hey everyone, its Dan (as per usual!)

Figured I should probably update (cause I havent in ages). A few things to say really.

Firstly, apologies for the lack of news stuffs, I've been pretty much devoted to uni life right now and im enjoying the course. It doesnt leave a lot of time for much else.

Secondly. if you're a Halo fan and animator, you might wanna check out Dim's Halo collab. The requisites for joining are on his site!

Speaking of halo, I hope I run into some of you online! Im playing here and there when I get a chance so who knows.

Thirdly, im going to do some shocking animation in the near future! While it wont be flash based its a good chance for me to use the facilities my uni has to offer. The stuff I produce will be linked to a later project so stay tuned on that front!

Happy belated Halloween and celebrate today for me! I turned 20, goodbye teenage years ; ;


Yay for the weekend!

2007-08-27 20:56:45 by Double-Helix

Thank god for some time off! I think JT and myself are totally wrecked from work right now.

Keeping this short cause I have some stuff to do. Mass theme park trip tomorrow! Woo hoo!

I'll be back with some more news or something when I can.


*Insert witty title here*

2007-07-29 18:53:10 by Double-Helix

Hey all, its Dan again. Back to my normal self, got well just in time to go back to work. Why do I end up having to work like everyone else? Currently posting with JT as he is back now. He says hello, or at least he would do if he wasnt too busy playing around with his PS3.

We went to see The Simpsons Movie tonight. We were both expecting a real crapfest, but it actually turned out to be pretty entertaining. Tomorrow we are going to give Mr Bay another chance and try and endure Transformers (without the 80s soundtrack though I fear I will be very disappointed!). Still, who knows, might be shocked just like we were today!

Dim returns from Comic-con on Tuesday, but odds are he will be too jetlagged to actually move for a while. I read DMC4 was playable there, I havent read any reports of a crazed man fighting his way through the crowd to steal the demo, but Im worried that Dim might have done just that.

If you're all into downloading demos for the ps3, check out The Darkness demo. Its pretty damn sweet, although the Heavenly Sword Demo is a bit rubbish. 1 gig for about 3 minutes of gameplay, oh yeah thats a real laugh -.-

Anyhoo, we're off now! Things to do, games to play!

See ya later!

~Dan and JT

We aren't dead! I swear!

2007-07-23 17:53:44 by Double-Helix

Hey anyone who happens to read this. It's Dan! Hurray, we aren't dead!

Things are pretty quiet for us at the moment, JT and myself haven't really been up to much since Decline. Although JT has been working on a project, but I have to poke him into finishing it. I intend to start looking for new projects to get involved with, but Im a bit lazy when it comes to getting out there and asking around. Oh well, no one to blame but myself (and maybe Dim, cause I can?)

Everyone is abandoning me this week! JT is on holiday and Dim is off to Comicon (where he will buy me many nice things, I am sure!) I just get to sit here, how fun! I guess I'll just have to fuel my FFXI addiction some more.

Im actually ill right now- how crappy is that? The worst part of it is that tomorrow is my day off anyway ><

Hm, I think I will leave it there for now. We are alive, that's all I need to say! And everyone needs to keep playing the things Dim comes up with. Grimoire blew me away!